Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lord Krishna : the embodiment of love and wisdom

Krishna means the most attractive . . . It is the divinity that is the most attractive; the energy that pulls everything to it. Krishna is the formless center which is everywhere. Any attraction from anywhere is coming only from Krishna. Often people fail to see the spirit behind the attraction and merely hold on to the outer shell. And the moment you try to possess the shell, you will see Krishna has played a trick and you will be left with an empty shell in your hands and tears in your eyes.
Krishna says, ‘I am beyond fire, air, ether but people think I am a human being but I am the consciousness. I am the manifest consciousness’. That’s what Krishna says He is. The ‘chaitanya shakti’ or the consciousness is Krishna. That’s why in Vibhuti yoga Krishna says wherever you find something beautiful know that it is Me there. Because of Me there is strength in the strong, because of Me there is intelligence in the intelligent, because of Me there is beauty in the beautiful. So I am the cause of everything. That consciousness is Krishna. Among the Rudras I am Shankara, I am Skanda, I am Karthikeya, I am everybody and among Pandavas I am Arjuna also. Krishna Tattva is in everything, in everybody. That’s why who is an intelligent person? One who sees Me in everybody and everyone in Me is really an intelligent person. I will always be available for him.
This Krishna janmashtami let us celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna which signifies bliss. It is the day when divine joy became manifest.