Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stress an Epidemic

 Today’s deadliest epidemic is stress. It is eating our society in a subtle manner. Stress of moving ahead of time. There is stress not only among adults but in young children too. No one could escape from its viscous circle. So what has been the real cause of it .Everybody has their own personal reason but one of the common causes could be exposure to too much of negative media, improper food habits, lack of human values and so on.

Its so apt to say that“ A healthy body is a healthy mind”. Over the years our food habits have changed so much that a quick snack today would mean  potato wafers and some aerated drink. We need to be aware of what we eat because it effects not only our  physical body but mental and emotional health also.As very rightly said you are what you eat.Also an improper time of having food, healthy food replaced with junk food, imbalanced diet etc is creating many physical problems among people today.

Gone are the days of doing good to others, lending our hands to help, who has the time for it. One main source of stress in the society is lack of good human values. We have become so self-centered. Our targets in our respective fields matter the most. The meaning of staying happy has changed .We need to get back to our source .We need to inculcate good human values to give true sense to this beautiful gift of god called life.

Another reasons for stress and violence in the society is media. Media is a major culprit in creating stress in society today. Its not that the people want to see stress and violence. People are viewing what media is showing. In a subtle way the lives of people is governed by the media. It is creating a certain negative opinion because there is exposure to much stress and violence. People have started finding short cuts in life by indulging in crime and violence. A film becomes a super hit if it has extra ordinary fight scenes in it. A hero in a film is the one who has knocked down at least forty to fifty people. Where are we heading to.
The irony is that no one teaches how to cope with stress. How to manage anger, how to let out pent up feelings. Weak one falls prey to their own minds and land up committing heinous crimes others fall victims to their own needs and commit suicide.

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