Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Art of Living Projects

Art of Living Projects

Disaster Relief

The Art of Living Foundation,along with its sister organisations, The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and Vyakti Vikas Kendra India (VVKI) work on disaster relief by providing food,shelter. It also tried to relieve victims from traumatic effect through Stress relieving workshops.


Sister concern of Art of Living - Ved Vignan Maha Vidhya Peeth(VVMVP) is running about 175 free schools for poor children. Most of the schools offer free food, conveyance, cloths, books and education.

Rural Development

Art of Living's 5H program reached 40,212 villages. 5H stands for the homeless, Healthcare, Hygiene, Human Values and Harmony in diversity. 5H program offers healthy living in poor rural area by offering free homes, toilets, conducting free courses and Satsang.

Youth leadership Training Program

The Youth leadership training program focused on empowering youths to take more responsibility and making a positive environment around them. 110,000 youths trained under this program.

Prison Program

The Prison SMART Programme aimed to give right direction to prisoners by conducting specially designed courses results into spiritual and moral upliftment.

Women Empowerment

Program for empowering women.

Environment Care

Organization is involved in large scale tree plantations through Mission Green Earth, water conservation, chemical free farming and cleaning rivers.


Art of Living is establishing peace through its various programs, multicultural events and promoting human values with the believe that we all are humans first.